Best Public And Private Schools in Knoxville, Tennessee

When moving to the Knoxville, Tennessee area with children, one of the first things that you may be looking for is a good school system. Some schools are considered to be better than others based on parent reviews and typical test scores that children receive at each given school. There are many different schools to choose from ranging from public schools to private schools that require a tuition to attend. [...]

This Home Came with Home Security

Lots of homeowners purchase home security for their homes. Systems are installed and then, eventually, that homeowner’s house is up for sale. Sometimes prospective buyers find everything they want in a home only to discover that a security system exists from the previous resident. So what do you do in this situation? Is it more trouble than it’s worth? Contrary to popular belief, purchasing a home where a security system [...]

Best Public And Private Schools In Nashville, Tennessee

If you are relocating to Nashville, Tennessee, there are several private and public schools that are available for your child or children. However, to assist you in choosing the most appropriate school for your child/children, we have compiled a list of the best public and private schools in the area. Elementary/Middle Schools 1. Percy Priest Elementary School: This public school is considered to be one of the most outstanding K-4 [...]

A Few Things to Look Out for in a New Home

Notice how the word “home” was used and not “house.” That’s because when it comes to looking for a new house, you really ought to be looking for a new home. Your special place that’s somehow an upgrade or an improvement from your previous environment. You should have an idea about what you want and you should have a fair set of expectations so you’re paying for exactly the home [...]

What Changes To Expect In Home Insurance Policies Before Moving To Tennessee

Are you planning on moving to Tennessee in the near future? Are you looking at purchasing a home and are not sure what to expect for insurance rates? Do you need to know what you are in for before you plan your next big move to another area? There is just one main thing to know about before changing your residence so you can save for the change and that [...]

Walking And Biking Trails Near Your New Neighborhood In Tennessee

Enjoying your new neighborhood in lovely Tennessee gets even better with the many options of stepping out in nature. If your new home is in Nashville you have the luxury of exploring the great Greenways. Greenways are uniquely set trails and linear parks with paved pathways. The fun thing about the Greenways is that not only do you get to enjoy the beautiful lush colors of nature but the trails [...]

Choose A Veterinarian To Transfer Records To Before Moving To Tennessee

Moving and becoming situated in a new city is always an involved and stressful process. There are many things to take into account; choosing a veterinarian should be the easiest thing to cross off on your to-do list for moving to Tennessee and it can be if you plan and take time carefully before your move. Even without knowing anyone yet in the Tennessee area, check the Internet for veterinarians [...]

Tennessee Crime Rate And Statistics Broken Down By Regions

Tennessee, like every other state in the United States, is not immune from crime. The Chattanooga area has seen an increase in all types of crime with the exception of drug crimes in the last five years. Chattanooga currently ranks 11th for the cities with the highest crime rates with a population of 100,000 or more in the United States. The Knoxville 41st highest crime rate in the nation according [...]